What can AMSO do for you?

AMSO is a leader in Shared Equity Management Service Organizations. AMSO has the ability to provide favorable capitated insurance contracts, practice management and administrative support services to individual physicians or group practices. If you or your practice is interested in entering into the potentially lucrative new world of quality managed medical care whereby practices are rewarded for taking better care of their patients, then AMSO might be for you. Not only do we help you to grow your practice revenues, we also allow you to share in the equity that your care brings to the equation.


  • Superior managed care contracting including Medicare Advantage Plans such as United Healthcare, Care Plus, amongst others.

  • Access to management tools and system-oriented processes that help organize and optimize your ability to reap benefits from the accountable care style methodologies

  • Management information systems that allow physicians to manage risk through features such as claim adjudication, utilization management, medical risk adjustment, referral authorization, and financial management of contracts and risk pools.



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